About Us

Cyber Company has been established in Tehran as one of the best computer component warranty, enjoying several years of systematic management and experience and full knowledge of Iran and global market to provide and guarantee computer components with the "Best Quality". To fulfill this objective, we succeeded to provide the best brands of Motherboard (ASRock, Biostar), RAM (Zeppelin), Graphic Card (Sapphire, Biostar), External & Internal Hard Drives (Western, Seagate), Notebook (Acer, Asus, Lenovo).

Our main activities:

  • Supplying all kinds of Computer Components.
  • Supplying all kinds of Notebooks and Tablets.

Presenting after Sale Services
Cyber assures its customers from the originality of the products under its guaranty, so user can choose the Original products with the highest quality among other re-marked products in this market and consequently the users referring to guarantee offices will be reduced.
Cyber Warranty tries to offer the best guarantee services by replacing most of components which are referred to guarantee offices by its customers.

Becoming one of the best hardware warranty services providers In Iran's market.

1- Providing computer components with the best and highest quality from the reputable brands in hardware field.
2- Providing systematic after sale services for computer components.
3- Developing and expanding Cyber after sale services agents

The main obligation of Cyber Warranty is providing sincere services to its customers

  • Respect to therights of thecustomer(Customer-oriented)
  • Providing honest advice and technical information to customers
  • Providing Detailed explanationofwarrantyconditions to customers
  • Consultingandproviding servicestocustomers for the components outofwarranty support
  • Testing components in front of customers
  • Presenting information regarding components with presence of customers or even via telephone, or internet.
  • Follow up the customers complaints.

Cyber Warranty has agents in other provinces other than its central office in Tehran

Some Brands which Cyber Warranty focuses on:

  • ASRock Motherboard
  • Biostar Motherboard and Graphic Card
  • Zeppelin RAM
  • Sapphire Graphic Card
  • Gamedias Power Supply
  • HP Optical Drives
  • Asus, Lenovo, Acer,…, Notebooks